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Vision & Mission


The objectives of the Association is to:

(a) provide a medium by which interest in the University shall be promoted among the University’s Alumni whenever they may be;
(b) provide opportunities for the Alumni to make positive contributions towards the development of the University, and enhancement of her influence among the people of Ghana;
(c) perpetuate individual acquaintances and friendship and thereby bind the Alumni into a united fellowship for the social well-being of all members;
(d) provide a forum for the discussion and promotion of issues affecting education in Ghana;
(e) make such rules and do such things as may be considered desirable for, incidental or conducive to, the attainment of the above objects.
(f) To set up any entity that shall engage in any venture as shall be determined by the Association from time to time.




‘We aspire to be the main strategic partner of University of Ghana by meeting the expectations of all other stakeholder’.




‘We seek to employ innovative ways to mobilize the Alumni to support the University in fulfilling its vision, whilst fostering bonds among the Alumni into a united fellowship for the social wellbeing of all members’.