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UG Team Pioneers Artificial Intelligence and Drug Discovery by Developing EBOLAPRED for Anti-Ebola Virus Drug Discovery

A team of scientists at the University of Ghana (UG) led by Dr. Samuel Kojo Kwofie of the Department of Biomedical Engineering has recently published a pioneering work on artificial intelligence (AI)-based anti-Ebola virus drug discovery. The pioneering AI-based drug discovery project called “EBOLApred” was published in the Elsevier journal Computational Biology and Chemistry. EBOLApred is also implemented as a web-based application to predict anti-Ebola virus drugs and inhibitors. The application is freely available online via

The UG team developed computer-guided drug discovery methods aided by AI-based machine learning algorithms. The algorithms can be used to quickly screen millions of compounds computationally to shortlist promising therapeutic molecules for drug development. This has the potential to shorten the laborious and lengthy experimental testing that chemical compounds must undergo in order to become drug candidates as well as decrease the cost involved.

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