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Prof. Audrey Gadzekpo Delivers Inaugural Lecture

Prof. Audrey Gadzekpo, Professor of Communication Studies and Former Dean of the School of Information and Communication Studies has advocated for an improved environment where journalists must feel safe and confident to do their job without fear of attacks. Prof. Gadzekpo shared this important insight as she delivered her inaugural lecture on the topic: “Taking the Gown to Town: Reflections of a Scholar-Activist on Media in Ghana’s Democratic Journey”.

Prof. Gadzekpo commenced the lecture by addressing the link between media and democracy stating that a well-functioning press nurtures democracy. She explained that the media as the fourth estate the realm complements and simultaneously acts as a check on the three other arms of government. “As the maxim underscoring the symbiotic relationship between democracy and media holds, where there is democracy, there must be free media and where there is free media, the political system being practised is bound to be democratic”, she reiterated.

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