We bring warm fraternal greetings and goodwill from the Council of the UNIVERSITY OF GHANA ALUMNI ASSOCIATION to the OLD VANDALS ASSOCIATION (OVA) meeting in Maryland, USA. We are happy to note that the university community and the Alumni Associations are united in the quest to transform UNIVERSITY OF GHANA into a WORLD CLASS UNIVERSITY. Currently, it is the 7th best university in Africa and the 1st in West Africa, obviously.


As the umbrella association for all Alumni of the UNIVERSITY OF GHANA, we note with deep appreciation the effort of OVA to bring together Old Vandals from across America and Canada.


In the past few years, we have embarked on several projects which have been completed or are currently on-going.  These include: THE  CONSTRUCTION OF  JUBILEE HALL OF RESIDENCE where members contributed 1% of their salaries monthly for 3years; the ALUMNI CENTRE;  an INCINERATOR for Noguchi Memorial Institute for Medical Research. THE BEAUTIFICATION OF GEORGE BENNEH CIRCLE with a well-manicured lawn and two fountains; an EYE CLINIC at the University Hospital to serve the University and its surrounding community;  a MOTHERS’ WING  at the University Hospital for mothers whose children have  been admitted and have nowhere to stay; RENOVATION OF ALL THE READING ROOMS of the various halls of residence, the latest being  COMMONWEALTH HALL; CAREER FAIRS FOR STUDENTS and INTERACTIONS WITH THE STUDENT LEADERSHIP and THE ALUMNI COUNCIL, among others.

Other planned programmes and projects include: MENTORSHIP and INTERNSHIP PROGRAMMES and an ALUMNI RESEARCH CENTRE among others.

Discussions are currently underway with PROF. JEFFREY D. SACHS and his group, who have agreed to host an ALUMNI FUND-RAISING CONFERENCE AND DINNER in NEW YORK before the end of the year. By this, we are entreating all of you present at this function today and those who couldn’t make it today, to honour our invitation when the time comes and I encourage all of you to show interest in your ALMA MATER which has made you what you are today.

We believe therefore that your initiative is very positive and worthy of emulation by all other Hall Alumni Associations of the University.

The UNIVERSITY OF GHANA is firmly on the rise towards a WORLD CLASS STATUS where alumni are expected to play a key role in the achievement of that enviable status.

We wish you a fruitful conference and deliberation. We hope to see you all at the UGAA CONFERENCE AND FUND-RAISING DINNER in NEW YORK hopefully before the end of the year. We will rely on your full support.

Warmest Regards.