Article 1: Name

  • The name of the Association is UNIVERSITY OF GHANA ALUMNI ASSOCIATION (hereinafter called “The Association”)

Article 2: Objectives

  • The objectives of the Association shall be to:<br />Provide a medium by which interest in the University shall be promoted among the University’s Alumni wherever they may be;
  • Provide opportunities for the Alumni to make positive contributions towards the development of the University, and the enhancement of her influence among the people of Ghana.
  • Perpetuate individual acquaintances and friendship and thereby bind the Alumni into a united fellowship for the social well being of all members;
  • Provide a forum for the discussion and promotion of issues affecting education in Ghana;
  • Take over all the assets and liabilities of the erstwhile unregistered association by the name University of Ghana Alumni Association; and
  • Make such rules and do such things as may be considered desirable for, incidental or conducive to, the attainment of the above objects.

Article 3: Legal Status

  • Pursuant to Section 24 of the Companies Code 1963, Act 179 (hereinafter referred to as “the Code”), the Association has for the furtherance of its authorized objects all the powers of a natural person of full capacity except in so far as such powers are expressly excluded by these Regulations.
  • Unless otherwise expressly provided in this Constitution or by the Executive Council whose powers shall be limited in accordance with Section 202 of the Code.
  • he liability of the members is limited. Each member of the Association undertakes to contribute to the assets of the Association in the event of it being wound up, whiles he/she is a member or within one year after he/she ceases to be a member, for payments of the debts and liabilities of the Association and of the cost of winding up such amount as may be required and not exceeding an amount which may be determined from time to time and until so determined, shall be twenty thousand cedis (¢20,000).

Article 4: Membership

  • Membership of this Association shall consist of the following groups: Ordinary, Life and Honorary Members.
  • Ordinary members shall consist of graduates and all former students of the University who have been enrolled for at least one semester at the University and who have registered by paying the prescribed annual subscription to the Association.
  • Life members shall be Ordinary members who have paid a composite fee equal to 20 annual subscriptions.
  • Honorary members shall be persons who originally are not Alumni of the University of Ghana but who have made substantial contribution to the progress of The University in some way and have been elected by the Council, to become such members

Article 5: Organisation

  • There shall be a NATIONAL CONGRESS OF ALUMNI hereinafter referred to as Congress, which shall be the policy making body of the Association.
  • There shall be an ALUMNI COUNCIL hereinafter referred to as Council, which shall be responsible to Congress for the day-to-day running of the Association.
  • The Council may appoint such Committees as it considers necessary at any time for any particular purpose.
  • The Council may approve the establishment of a branch of the Association in each Region of Ghana on the application of any five members.
  • Each Region Branch may, subject to the approval of the Council, make and adopt rules of its activities not inconsistent with this Constitution.

Article 6: The National Congress of Alumni

  • Subject to the provisions under this Article, general meetings of the Association shall be convened and held, and resolutions passed, in accordance with Part P of Chapter II and Part D of Chapter IV of the Code.
  • General Meetings
  • All Ordinary members of the Association who have paid their annual subscriptions and Life Members are entitled to attend and vote at meetings of Congress.
  • The Council shall convene a general meeting of Congress every year at Legon.
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  • The General Secretary shall give notice of the agenda and time at least four weeks before Congress convenes.
  • The quorum for a General Meeting shall be formed by fifty (50) Neu Pornosmembers.
  • Decision of Congress shall be binding on all members of the Association.
  • Extraordinary General Meetings
  • The General Secretary shall convene an extraordinary general meeting whenever twenty-five (25) members (of whom at least five shall be normally resident outside Accra District) request such a meeting by notice in writing addressed to him containing the reasons for the request and the proposed agenda for the meeting or whenever the Council thinks fit or necessary.
  • The quorum for Gratis Pornoextraordinary meetings shall be the same as for ordinary meetings of Congress.
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  • Each member present at any general meeting German Porno shall have one vote on a show of Pornoshands or a poll or a postal ballot as the case may Pornobe.

Article 7: The Alumni Council

  • Subject to the provision of the Code with respect to appointment, removal duties and powers of directors, the following shall apply to the Alumni Council.
  • The governing body of the Association shall be vested in the Alumni Council which shall be responsible to Congress.
  • The Council shall consist of the following to be elected by Congress:
  • A Chairman;
  • Three Vice-Chairmen. As far as practicable these shall be elected from among members who are serving officers of the Association’s Branches in the Region;
  • General Secretary;
  • Treasurer;
  • Four other Council members; and
  • The person for the time being assigned responsibility for administering Alumni matters in the Central Administration of the University of Ghana as an ex-officio member and the Chief Executive of the Council.

Article 8: Resignation or Expulsion of Members and Officers

  • Any member or officer may resign his membership or office by notice in writing to the Chairman of the Council.
  • Members shall not do anything which in the opinion of Congress brings the Association into disrepute. Where a person is guilty of such conduct Congress may expel him from the Association.

Article 9: Finance

  • Every Ordinary Member of the Association shall make, for each year, a subscription of not less than twenty thousand cedis (¢20,000) or such other sum as may be prescribed from time to time by Congress; provided that a person who becomes a member after the 30 th September of any year may not be required to make any subscription for that year.
  • Council shall cause proper books of accounts to be kept and income and expenditure account and balance sheet to be prepared to 31 st December each year, audited and circulated in accordance with section 122 to 133 of the Code.
  • Auditors qualified in terms of section 270 of the Code shall be appointed by Council and their duties regulated in accordance with section 134 of the Code.

Article 10: The Seal

  • The Council is empowered to adopt a Common Seal for use by the Association and shall provide for the safe custody thereof.
  • The Seal shall only be used by the authority of the Council or of a Working Committee of the Council authorized by the Council in that behalf and every instrument to which the seal shall be affixed shall be signed by a member of the Council and shall be countersigned by the Secretary or a second member of the Council by some other person appointed by the Council for the purpose.

Article 11: Service of Documents

  • Any document may be served on the Association or on any member of the Council in the manner provided by Section 263 of the Code and may be served in like manner on any member of the Association either personally or at the address supplied by him to the Council for the purpose of service of Notices.
  • In this Constitution, unless the context otherwise requires:-
  • “Code” means the Companies Code 1963 (Act 179) or any Statutory modification or reenactment thereof.
  • Words or expressions shall have the same meaning as in the Code.
  • Reference to Sections of the Code shall mean such Sections as modified or re-enacted from time to time.